Global Marketing

We provide one-stop crossborder operation solution,based on our indutry clients needs

Korean Market

A matching operation solution, provided by NETVK,on behalf of foreign buyers and Korean firms with excellent services.


China Market

We are your online marketing experts and brand building specialists for your Chinese marketing campaigns.


Brand Strategy

Where is the user? What should the brand operation do?!

Learn How to Make Your

Marketing & Sales More Effective

Strong brands, both business and consumer brands

make an emotional connection with their market to influence behavior.

  • Internet Brand Strategy

    Brand story originality

    Brand positioning strategy

    Brand Culture Molding

    Business strategy planning

    Logo and Website Design

  • Integrated Marketing

    Word-of-mouth Promotion

    News Marketing

    Forum Marketing

    Software Text Marketing

    Crisis Public Relation

  • New Media Marketing

    Micro Marketing Planning

    Wechat Moments Communication

    Micro Platform Construction

    “We Media” Communication

  • Event Planning and Implementation

    Annual Meeting Planning

    News Conference Planning

    Summit Forum Planning

    Product Launches Services

WeChat Marketing

It's not just a messaging platform.It's a way of Chinese life.

Why wechat marketing is important to us?

  • According to WeChat.WeChat has over 902 million daily active user and 35 million+ monthly active official accounts as of 2017.
  • WeChat has covered all aspects of Chinese life,including information receiving, communication, order payment and social services,and so on, which has formed a complete closed-loop WeChat Internet ecosystem
  • As an advertising chanel,WeChat wil help brands reach people with different personal data collected from all of their behaviors.
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You need a partner who is reliable and experienced when you enter Asian online markets

Cooperation Process

We provide one-stop crossborder operation solution,based on our indutry clients needs

  • Communication-Positioning

    Communicate the contents of the project and expense
  • Determining Cooperation-Make Contracts

    Discuss the details of the cooperation and responsibilities
  • Team Building-Project Decomposition

    Establish project execution group and communication planning
  • Project Implementation-Execution Report

    Implement the project content and summarize the results
  • Final Payment-Project Delivering

    Party B owns the copyright of the works , party A owns intellectual property rights


  • 澳洲房地产投资集团,加入微信平台后顾客访问量增长300%以上

  • 历经30年发展多元化照明灯饰品牌,微品牌营销后月销量高涨120%

  • 拥有200+家店铺的进口药妆品牌,打通线上微信平台后销量翻了2倍

  • 学尔森职业教育领航者,经微品牌包装后各平台访问学员量持续增长

  • 养生会所连锁品牌,品牌提升后引流至各门店顾客数比以往多3倍以上

  • 成立于2002年的专业体检管理集团,开通微平台后业务量持续增长

  • 蜀品天下通过微信平台将优质农产品送往五湖四海,销量大增375%

  • 三亚海韵度假酒店经微平台打造极大提升用户满意度,业绩稳速增长

  • 中国瓷艺领导品牌,经微品牌打造后微信平台月销量远超门店销量

  • 臻品名茶全球供应商品牌,微信平台开通后1年内粉丝量破万

  • 120年历史的美食品牌,通过微平台突破销量瓶颈,月销量涨幅稳定

  • 以安全美味为己任爱无添加的面包坊品牌,成功打造线上品牌知名度

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We provide one-stop crossborder operation solution,based on our indutry clients needs

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